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Hearing Protection with Situational Awareness Improves Workplace Safety
April 10, 2024 by Magnum Electronics

How Much Noise is Too Much?

Noise above 80dB can cause hearing loss over time. OSHA requires hearing protection when the 8-hour time-weighted average is 85 decibels or greater. You can map the noise level of your workplace with a free smartphone app like Sound Meter.


Noise kevel Examples in dB;s

Sensear Allows Situational Awareness

Sensear SENS technology uses miniature mics to provide 360 degree situational awareness but instantly blocks harmful noise. SENS separates the background noise from voice to provide clearer voice communications. The result is workers can talk face-to-face without removing their muffs and hear normally when harmful noise is not present.

Wearing standard earplugs and headsets on the job protect your ears but increases the risk of accidents. Hearing protection is really temporary hearing loss according to Dr. Keith Darrow, and decreases situational awareness. Without the ability to hear warning sounds, employees feel less safe and often remove their protection.

Sensear Smart Headsets for 2-Way Radios

If you are searching for headsets or earplugs for your 2-way radios the SM1R headsets and SP1R earplugs include SENS 360 situational awareness technology. They use the radio battery to power the headset. If your radio needs a battery powered headset the SM1B series is available. Adapter cables are available for many popular radios for Motorola, Kenwood, Tait, Icom, BK Relm, and Hytera. Intrinsically-safe certified versions are available too.

SM1R Standard & IS Smart Headset Choices

Sensear SM1R Headset StylesThe SM1R series requires an adapter cable with your radio connector. The SM1RB001 includes a headband and provides 27dB NRR hearing protection. There is a neckband version (SM1RE001) with 24dB NRR and the SM1RH001 helmet mount with clips and 23 dB NRR.

If your radio has UL, CSA, or TIA label for intrinsically-safe operation in hazardous locations choose the SM1RISB1 headband, SM1RISE1 neckband, or SM1RISH1 helmet mount. 

These models have a red band on the headset and adapter cable. Add the appropriate intrinsically-safe certified adapter cable for your radio.

SP1R Standard & IS Smart Earplug Choices

Sensear SP1R with RadioThe SP1R series also uses the radio’s battery and requires an adapter cable with your radio connector. These smart earplugs include SENS 360 situational awareness technology and 31 dB NRR.

The SP1RM02 includes a boom mic and is also available with the intrinsically-safe certification (SP1RMIS02).

The SP1RE02 includes in-ear bone conduction mics for use with respirators and breathing protection devices. The SP1REIS02 includes the IS certification.

SM1P & smartPlug Advanced Features

Sensear SM1P  Headsets and smartPlug

Sensear also offers SM1P and smartPlug series battery-powered headsets and earplugs. In addition to SENS 360 technology, these models include Bluetooth to connect to smartphones and allow short range communications up to 150 feet. 

Short range (SR) communications use a clear FM broadcast band frequency and does not require a FCC license. More 2-way radio cables are available and intrinsically-safe models are optional.

The SM1PB002 headband with 27db NRR, SM1PE002 neckband with 24 dB NRR, and SM1PH002 helmet with 23 dB NRR have rechargeable batteries with 20-24 hour operating time.

The IS SM1P headset versions are SM1PBIS02, SM1PEIS02, and SM1PHIS02.

If you prefer to have all the features of the SM1P headset (except IS) without the muffs, the SMPLUG030001 smartPlug is the solution.

Extreme Noise Double Protection Headsets

Sensear SP1P ISDP Headsets

If you work in extreme noise conditions and need double protection the SM1PBISDP02 headband, SM1PEISDP02 neckband, or SM1PHISDP02 helmet style will provide 36dB NRR, IS, SENS, Bluetooth, short range, and radio compatibility.

Tour & Training SmartGroup Headsets

Sensear SmartGroup Tour HeadsetsSensear is also a market leader in tour and training headsets. The SM1PET02 transmit-only headset with boom mic and SM1PES02 listen-only headsets with SENS situational awareness are a perfect solution for plant tours with high noise.

SmartGroup solutions with talk and listen configurations are also available for employee training. Questions can be answered immediately in high noise using short range communications. 

 The PRGTAB01 programming tablet and USB cable makes setup easy. Charging racks with 6, 12, 23, 40, and 45 headset storage hooks keep inventory organized and charged.

Magnum Electronics is an authorized Sensear distributor with sales and technical support. For a formal quote, contact our Dover, Delaware service facility at (302) 734-9250 M-F 8-5pm or email us at [email protected]

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