Sensear's patented SENS® Technology simultaneously enhances speech and suppresses background noise so that users can verbally communicate, protect their hearing, and still maintain 360° awareness of their surroundings in noisy environments such as oil & gas, mining, construction, heavy manufacturing, and other industrial workplaces.

Smart Headsets

Sensear's complete range of smart, noise-cancelling Two-Way Radio and Bluetooth headsets allow face-to-face communication in noise-levels up to 120dB with SENS® technology.

  • SM1R : The Perfect Complement to Radios in High-Noise Environments
  • SM1P : A Versatile Solution for Safe Communication in Noisy Workplaces
  • SM1P-IS : A Versatile Solution for Safe Communication in Hazardous Locations
  • SM1P-ISDP : Hazardous Location Dual Protection Headset for Extreme Noise
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Smart Earplugs

An in-ear hearing protection and communication solution in a small, rugged package. Powered by two-way radio for communication in high-noise environments.

  • SP1R : An In-Ear Solution Powered by Radio
  • smartPlugTM : Noise Suppressing Earplugs for Industrial Environments
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Touring / Training

Sensear’s SmartGroup products are an industry-leading solution for companies who conduct facility, factory, and plant tours or training sessions in noisy environments. Sensear’s patented SENS® Technology enhances speech and suppresses background noise so users can communicate face-to-face safely and effectively in noisy environments. SmartGroup is a completely customizable build-your-own solution to meet your needs. Select the number of Leader headsets and the number of Student headsets for your needs. It’s also highly recommended to purchase a programming tablet for further customization capabilities.

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Cables & Accessories

Sensear communication headsets can be connected to Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Hytera, Harris, Tait, Sepura, Vertex, EF Johnson, and most other radio brands. Sensear Headsets and Earplugs are not sold with cables, you will need to purchase the cable that you need separately. The main reason for that is that everybody has different needs based on their two-way radio brand and model.

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More Information

"The Sound of Safety" Podcast

Join Dr. Keith Darrow on this educational journey as he dives deep into hearing loss prevention, occupational safety, situational awareness, and more.

Sensear YouTube Videos

Learn more about your Sensear products and how to use them by watching the videos in this playlist. See all the Sensear videos on their YouTube Channel.

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