Getting Started with GPS Fleet Management

February 19, 2024 by Magnum Electronics

Magnum AVL Mapping, Reporting, & Video

Almost 20 years ago, we installed GPS tracking in our service vans and it did not take long to see the benefits. Our fuel bills decreased, service calls increased, and there was less worrying.

We introduced Magnum AVL in 2010 to make tracking easier and more affordable. Since then the hardware devices have improved a number of times and powerful features have been added to the software application.

All of our devices are managed from any desktop, tablet, or smartphone web browser. We offer an easy install OBD-II plug-in device, battery-operated asset tracker, and wired options. You can have basic fleet tracking with reports or add cameras, sensors, and more.

Powerful UI - Google Maps, 39 Reports, & Alerts

The user interface is easy to navigate and includes integrated Help with short videos. Data is stored for 6 months and you can automatically email custom reports or download the data to a spreadsheet. You can choose to view your fleet on any Google Map view (including traffic) or one of the 39 drop-down reports. 

There are also 19 different alerts that are recorded for later review or texted/emailed for immediate notification. You will be able to identify your drivers who maintain safe speeds, idle the least, and arrive on time. Unauthorized stops and after-hours use can be documented.

There are also alerts for a vehicle’s battery health, mileage for oil changes, engine hours, and time to renew the registration.

Choose the Best Tracking Device

All of our tracking devices powered by the vehicle include a backup battery. If disconnected it will continue to track for about an hour and sends an alert when the power is disconnected/reconnected. All devices include a 3 year limited hardware warranty.

We use Verizon and AT&T (or both) for nationwide coverage. If out of range internal memory stores the tracking info and will fill in the gap when back in coverage. Antennas are built-in making installation quicker too.

Devices for Cars, Vans, and Trucks

AVL 195-DTC 

Plugs into the OBD-II port under the steering wheel. Includes ECM check engine alerts. 60 second updates Optional Y cable available to keep OBD-II port open.

AVL 150

3 wire installation - 12V DC constant power, 12V Ignition, and ground, normally installed under the dash. 60 second updates

AVL 500

Includes wiring harness to support multiple inputs, starter disable, tow alert, and remote door unlock, 60 second updates

AVL 750

Includes video gateway capability for cameras, wiring harness for inputs, starter disable, door unlock, 60 second updates

AVL 750-800

Package includes AVL 750 with front and driver facing HD cameras, AI-generated edge processors for scoring driver behavior. Event based alerts with video downloads, 60 second updates 

Devices for Equipment Assets & Trailers

AVL 250-EQ

Designed for use with any 12V or 24V powered asset - bobcats, bulldozers, construction equipment, etc. 10 minute updates, automatically creates geofence and alerts if moved after 30 minutes stopped

AVL 250-TT

Designed to update on a daily basis (if not connected to power) or on a 10 minute continuous-tracking plan (if connected to power)

BAT 604

Track dumpsters, trailer mounted fertilizer tanks, Port-a-Johns, lighted and non-lighted signs, roadside signs, generators and any NON-Powered asset. Updates 4 times per day - every 6 hours

Purchasing Options

The tracking equipment can be purchased, financed, or rented. Our software subscription agreement term is monthly unless financed. We can provide a live demonstration and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Visit our Magnum AVL page for more info and support documents. We also have our own YouTube AVL playlist with additional videos.

Contact us for a quote at [email protected] or call our office at 302-734-9250 during normal business hours M-F, 8-5pm EST.

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