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Fleet & Asset Tracking

Magnum AVL is GPS fleet and asset tracking designed for commercial businesses and government agencies. Vehicles and mobile assets can be tracked every 1, 10, or 30 minutes or daily depending on their importance. Basic service includes coverage in all 50 US States.

Using web based Google Maps, the software interface provides hybrid, satellite, traffic, terrain, and street views. A single mouse click will show a vehicle’s route for the day. Twenty fleet reports are available for management overview with historical data stored for 12 months. Waterproof and battery-operated asset trackers can be viewed on the same map.

Android and Apple iOS users can access the same information available on a desktop computer.

Ultra-sensitive GPS vehicle trackers monitor speed, turns, idle time, stop times, and route info. Sensor inputs can monitor and record external events. Installed underneath the dashboard the Magnum AVL tracker has a battery backup and hidden from view.

Firmware is upgraded over-the-air minimizing on-site service calls.

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