Why MOTOTRBO Ion Makes Staff Better

Workers With Smart Radios Are More Productive
January 14, 2024 by Magnum Electronics

Ion Smart Radio Built For the Future

If you think tablets might improve productivity or you have tablets too bulky to carry, the next radio you should try is the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Ion. Ion is a powerful, all-in-one productivity tool for 2-way radio voice communications, email, updating work tickets, barcode scanning, taking photos, and streaming video. 

Rugged 2-Way Radio & Android Device

The Ion is compatible with analog and all MOTOTRBO DMR radio systems using UHF, 800, or 900 MHz bands. It supports Bluetooth, GNSS, WiFi, LTE, and CBRS Private LTE. Seamless roaming between LMR, LTE, and WiFi is easy using a Motorola WAVE PTT subscription and a Capacity Plus trunking network gateway.

Dual mic ANC noise-cancellation provides clear communications in loud environments and the rear facing camera supports barcode scanning or video streaming.

The rugged Gorilla Glass touch display can be used with gloves. Rotating the Ion to landscape view increases the keyboard size and will show more info on spreadsheets, maps, and work tickets.

The Ion has a built-in accelerometer to monitor worker status (movement, no movement, angle of radio) and will notify response personnel automatically. Pressing the voice command button will change zones & channels, volume, announce time, battery status, and toggle scan on/off.

Android Based, Google Apps & MDM Security

Download any app from the Google Play Store securely. The Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool can define policies that allow or restrict which apps can be installed.

With Google Workspace G-Suite apps your team can check email, chat, view documents, take photos, stream video, and make voice calls using your WiFi network.

Our customers are using Ions to update work tickets immediately, view security cameras, make Zoom calls, call internal VoIP extensions, scan barcodes, use WAVE PTX, check their Rave safety app, and much more.

Next Generation Business Communications

Making workers more productive in today’s competitive world is more important than ever. The cost of an Ion is less than $2.50 per day based on 22 workdays per month over the next five years. Considering your hourly costs it won’t take much time savings to get your return on investment. We have found MOTOTRBO Ion equipped workers are smarter, safer, and happier. 

Learn More About the MOTOTRBO Ion

Visit our MOTOTRBO Ion page for a specification sheet, market focused brochures, and support documents. We also have our own YouTube Ion playlist with additional videos.

Magnum Electronics is Ion certified for sales, accessories, and technical support. We are able to make programming changes to Ion radios over WiFi. Your radios can be updated remotely without site visits. Contact us for a quote at [email protected] or call our office at 302-734-9250 during normal business hours M-F, 8-5pm EST.

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