Tech Info: Motorola PMNN4491D IMPRES Battery & Charger Error

WPLN4212 and WPLN4219 IMPRES Multi-Unit Chargers Display "NON-IMPRES BATTERY"
December 5, 2023 by Magnum Electronics

Older IMPRES Chargers No Longer Display Data 

The new "D" version of the Motorola PMNN4491D IMPRES battery has been redesigned due to supply chain component shortages. Users who place the battery in an IMPRES charger will see NON-IMPRES BATTERY on the charger display. A firmware update is not available because the original IMPRES chargers are no longer supported. 

The charger will continue to function and automatically condition the battery when needed. The indicator lights with show charging (red), conditioning (yellow), and green (finished). If you miss the display data you will need to upgrade to the PMPN4284

Radios & IMPRES Chargers Affected

The PMNN4491 is the standard slim battery compatible with the MOTOTRBO XPR 3300e, XPR 3500e, XPR 7000e series, and APX 900. 

If your multi-unit charger looks like the one pictured, it is the original IMPRES charger. The chargers were sold as kits with a US plug - WPLN4212 and WPLN4219 but the model number on the bottom of the charger will be off by a digit (WPLN4211 and WPLN4218).

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