Radio-To-Intercom Bridge Improves School Security

Compatible with Existing Analog or Digital 2-Way Radios
December 8, 2023 by Magnum Electronics
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Access PA System With Existing Radios

Ritron's Radio-To-Intercom Bridge is a low cost VHF/UHF receiver that allows a radio user to make PA announcements using a single, secure radio channel.

Choose Analog or Digital DMR VHF/UHF Receiver 

RIB-600 Analog Model Compatible with any VHF, UHF, GMRS, FRS, or MURS license-free radio, the RIB-600 decodes CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 2-Tone, or Selcall to prevent unauthorized use. It is also programmable to VHF NOAA Weather Alert frequencies. The RIB-600 analog model is not upgradable to digital operation. ​Link to user manual​

RIB-700 Digital DMR Model - Compatible with VHF/UHF radios including Motorola MOTOTRBO and others using the DMR digital platform. This model can store up to 4 pre-recorded messages and decodes color codes, SUID, destination type, and destination ID's. It does not support analog programming.  Link to ​user manual​

Both models can be used with a repeater and a RAM-1545 magnetic mount external antenna is available for better receive coverage. LM-PCPK-1 PC programming software can be purchased or the units can be field programed with button presses.


Add a layer of security when seconds count or when you need wireless connectivity from anywhere on the property. Ritron also has a similar product called the LoudMouth standalone wireless PA with built-in 8 watt horn speaker. Call us to discuss your requirements and we can help you find a solution.   

Magnum Electronics is an authorized Ritron Wireless Solutions Reseller with sales, installation, and technical support. For a formal quote, contact our Dover, Delaware service facility at (302) 734-9250 M-F 8-5pm or email us at [email protected].

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