Motorola APX Series Remote Speaker-Mic Guide for 2024

December 19, 2023 by Magnum Electronics

Motorola Solutions is making changes to their APX family of remote speaker-mics and removed many of their basic mics from their catalog. The new APX N series has a new smaller mini-GCAI connector that is only compatible with N70, N50, and N30. This post will help you select the correct choices for your APX model.

PMMN4099 Basic UL Intrinsically-Safe with Emergency Button

Motorola still offers several basic speaker-mics but only the PMMN4099 is shown their latest catalog. This RSM has a IP68 submersible rating and includes a 3.5mm receive-only port, UL Division 1 & 2 intrinsically-safe certification, orange emergency button, and volume toggle. It has a single microphone and does not provide multi-mic active noise-cancellation. 

The connector is compatible with APX 900, APX 1000, APX 2000, APX 4000, APX 6000, APX 6000XE, APX 7000, APX 7000XE, APX 8000, and APX 8000XE.

Below are the mics still available but not published in the catalog:

PMMN4083 - IP68 without 3.5mm/E button, FM only

PMMN4084 - IP54 with threaded & non-threaded 3.5mm, E button, FM only

PMMN4062 - IP54 with 3.5mm, E button, noise-cancelling

PMMN4065 - IP57 with E button, volume toggle

PMMN4069 - IP55 with 3.5mm

NNTN8235 - IP57 with coyote brown housing for SRX 2200

NNTN8236 - IP54, 3.5mm with brown housing for SRX 2200

PMMN4061 - IP55 with antenna connector, 30 inch cable

PMMN4060 - IP55 with antenna connector, 24 inch cable

PMMN4059 - IP55 with antenna connector, 18 inch cable

PMMN4060BSP01 with 24 inch cable for 700/800 MHz users

Compatible with APX 8000/7000/6000 and SRX 2200 only

XE500 for All APX 6000, APX 7000, & APX 8000 Models

The only compatible Motorola hi-viz and high temperature RSM for APX 6000 users is the XE500. It is available with a channel knob (PMMN4106) or without (PMMMN4107) in either green or black. 

These mics have multi-mic active noise-cancellation, emergency button, IP68 rating, UL Div 1 & 2, and 500 degree cable. The XE500 is certified with all APX 6000, APX 7000, and APX 8000 models.

New XVE500 with ViQi Button for APX 8000HXE, APX NEXT

The XVE500 changed model numbers from PMMN4132/PMMN4137 this month due to a certification upgrade. The XVE500 is now certified for UL Div 1 & 2 with APX 8000HXE.  

The APX 8000XE, APX NEXT, and APX NEXT XE are UL Div 2 only. Although some older Motorola catalogs have shown the XVE500 compatible with additional models we have confirmed this info is correct for the next several months.

These new RSM's are now available to order. The ​​​​​​XVE500 PMMN4154​ includes the channel knob and ​​​XVE500 PMMN4152​ has the same specs without it. Both include a dedicated ViQi button.

XVP850 & XVP830 with ViQi Button for APX 6000/8000, NEXT, XE

The ​​​​​​PMMN4135 ​X​V​P​8​5​0 includes a channel knob, 3.5mm receive-only port, ViQi button, UL Div 1 & 2, and multi-mic active noise-cancelling technology. 

The ​​​​​​​PMMN4136​ ​X​V​P​8​3​0 has the same specs without the channel knob. These RSM’s are only available with black housings.

Both mics are compatible with APX NEXT, APX NEXT XE (Firmware R03.20.00 and beyond required), and APX 8000, APX 8000XE, APX 8000H, APX 8000HXE, APX 6000, APX 6000XE, SRX 2200 (Firmware R24.00.00 and beyond required).

XVP750 and XVP730 with ViQi Button for APX N70, N50

The PMMN4141 XVP750 with channel knob and PMMN4142 XVP730 without channel knob include the 3.5mm receive-only port, ViQi button, UL Div 1 & 2, and multi-mic active noise-cancelling technology. This is the same RSM as the XVP850/830 with a mini-GCAI connector. They are compatible with the APX N70 model.  

It can also be used with the N50 when the “Audio Bundle” option is selected.

RM760 and RM780 for APX N50, N30

The PMMN4140 RM760 is a new style with a larger, slimmer head. It is IP68 with a 3.5mm receive-only port and UL Div 1 & 2 rating.  

The PMMN4128 RM780 includes an orange emergency button, rocker volume control, and 2 programmable buttons. Both are compatible with the APX N50 and N30 with the mini-GCAI connector.

Magnum Electronics is a Motorola elite channel partner, manufacturer representative, and service facility located in Dover, Delaware. Our staff is APX certified for programming and technical  support. Radio quotes are limited to our local area but we offer a full line of high quality APX compatible accessories nationwide.

For a formal quote, contact our office at (302) 734-9250 M-F 8-5pm or email us at [email protected].

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