Expand Your Radio Coverage with Motorola WAVE PTX

March 4, 2024 by Magnum Electronics

Solving wide area two-way radio coverage problems in the past required a large investment in infrastructure costs and connectivity fees. It was only affordable for government and enterprise radio users with large fleets. 

The new Motorola WAVE PTX family of products can expand traditional 2-way radios systems or can be used for stand-alone communications for your mobile workers. The subscription based solution provides advanced features, nationwide coverage, and does not require a FCC license.

Purpose-Built Radios or Use Your Smartphones

You can add add WAVE using your own smartphones with a $8 per device monthly subscription. Your desktop PC can be your base station with optional WAVE Dispatch and a USB microphone. It adds GPS tracking, call recording, texting, and other productivity features. Optional video streaming, emergency alerts, remote listening are also available.

Motorola has introduced a variety of rugged, feature-rich, purpose-built WAVE radios. The TLK 100 and second generation TLK 110 with advanced features are the most popular. Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket the TLK 110 is IP67 rugged for construction and provide up to 18 hours of battery life.

The TLK 150 is designed for vehicle installations and includes a palm microphone, dash/glass mount antenna, and power cable. An optional mounting bracket must be ordered separately.

The TLK 25 is the newest addition to the WAVE product line. It is a wearable PTT device with voice commands and a wired earpiece. It supports Bluetooth audio accessories and can use the $8 WiFi subscription plan. 

It is intended for on-site communications for hotels, schools, and retail using WiFi. A new model with LTE will be available next month.

Motorola has the Evolve LTE Android smartphone with embedded WAVE, dedicated PTT and emergency buttons, and optional intrinsically-safe Haz-Loc HK2137A model. There is also the MOTOTRBO ION Android based smart radio with touchscreen display that supports Google Play Store apps.

Manage your own account, add channels, and make programming changes over-the-air. 

Connect WAVE PTX with Existing 2-Way Radios

A gateway is available that connects MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus trunking networks with WAVE for true interoperability with all or some radio talkgroups. The gateway is configured in the WAVE account and allows you to make programming changes as needed.

The JPS RSP-Z2 gateway can connect any 2-way radio to WAVE. The RSP-Z2 is Motorola certified using an internet connection and a compatible end user radio for access to a repeater or radio-to-radio simplex communications. 

Magnum Electronics is an Elite level Motorola channel partner certified for WAVE PTX.  Contact us for a quote at [email protected] or call our office at 302-734-9250 during normal business hours M-F, 8-5pm EST.

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