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APX Next 360°

All-Band P25 APX Smart Radio

APX NEXT brings usability and performance advancements to every aspect of the radio experience. Streamlined interfaces. Accelerated workflows. Mission-critical reliability. All protecting the focus that keeps responders safe and effective.


In public safety, focus is your greatest resource. APX NEXT protects your focus when it matters most. The APX NEXT smart radio brings usability and performance advancements to every aspect of the police radio experience. Interfaces are streamlined. Workflows are accelerated. Mission-critical reliability is ensured. And the focus that keeps critical personnel safe and effective, is protected.

LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth for ultra-connectivity

Advanced audio for louder, clearer voice

Designed and tested for extreme ruggedness

The power to endure: 12hrs of battery life

APX Next

Mission-critical all-weather touchscreen

New antennas improve comfort and wearability

Application platform for advanced capabilities

Exceptional ergonomics, for high-stress situations


Mission-critical device

APX NEXT advances the lifeline. Designed to military standards for intrinsic ruggedness, the toughened glass touchscreen works even with gloves, in rain, snow, and dust. Digital mics and high power speakers deliver our best audio, so you can hear and be heard when it matters most.

SmartConnect keeps you connected beyond radio coverage, and energy-dense batteries keep you powered for up to 18 hours. The result is a radio that works when you need it, without pause, distraction or doubt.

Natural user interface

For public safety technology to be useful, it has to be effortless to operate in extreme, high-velocity situations. From hardware ergonomics to user interfaces to voice interactions, APX NEXT is designed for total usability when everything is on the line.

Controls are easily distinguished by touch. A mission-critical touchscreen gives easy access to sophisticated features. And ViQi empowers you to work with eyes-up awareness. You stay focused on what matters: your mission and your safety.

Mobile access to intelligence

APX NEXT mission-critical applications deliver new intelligence to the field. ViQi speeds response times by enabling voice-activated information searches. SmartConnect automatically switches to broadband when you go beyond the boundaries of your radio network. SmartLocate delivers high-efficiency, high-precision location data.

All applications are built on a secure, extensible platform, allowing you to add new capabilities as your needs evolve. You can invest in a platform for the future.

Streamlined ownership experience

Provision and update your fleet in minutes, not months. APX NEXT gives back time with RadioCentral™, a cloud-based programming platform which prepares radios before they arrive. Remote updating keep radios up-to-date in the field, with zero touch and zero downtime.

SmartProgramming updates can be accepted anywhere, anytime utilizing the LTE extended range of coverage. With APX NEXT, your ownership experience is streamlined, so your most valuable resources stay focused and ready.


Expand and customize your radio’s functionality with a suite of accessories designed and optimized for APX NEXT so you can focus forward.


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