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All Motorola batteries carry a minimum 12 month warranty and have a three digit date code on each battery. NiCD batteries have an 18 month warranty but are prone to developing a memory if kept in the charger for long periods.

Motorola IMPRES batteries when used with an IMPRES conditioning charger provide an extra 6 months in addition to the standard warranty.

Visit our Battery Care Tips before using your batteries for the first time. New batteries are stored at about 50% capacity. Batteries should be "initialized" before being placed in service.

We carry replacement batteries by Power Products for other radio brands such as Kenwood, Icom, Vertex, and Harris/M/A-Com. Power Products batteries are manufactured with high quality cells and also have a minimum 12 month warranty.

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How to Read a Motorola 3 or 4 Digit Battery Warranty Date Code

First digit or 2 digits indicate the year and next 2 digits are the week

For example; 936 is 36th week of 2009 1408 would be the 8th week of 2014. Our battery inventory turns quickly so it is possible to receive a date code a few weeks ahead in time.

The battery is under warranty for at least 12 months after the date code

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