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DTR Series Portables

Step up to clearer digital communications with a lighter radio that provides private and group communications. 900 MHz band penetrates buildings better than UHF and does not require a FCC license.

Easy to program and no software is required. Each radio displays an ID so others can see who is calling. The call alert function lets you know the radio is in range. Send a pre-programmed text message to all radios, a smaller group, or an individual. You can even transmit a voice message to everyone and receive a private reply.

Perfect for schools, hotels, smaller manufacturing facilities where you need on-site, reliable communications.

Longer Battery Life - Up to 19 hours per full charge

No monthly fees. No service towers and no per minute charges

For existing DTR radio users we have instructions for "How to add or update a DTR radio to an existing radio fleet" using over-the-air programming.

Motorola DTR Radio Accessories Catalog

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