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Minitor V Pagers

***New Minitor VI Announced. Minitor V is no longer available.***
Choice of intrinsically-safe or new non-intrinsically-safe Minitor VI models.

The Motorola MINITOR V two-tone voice pager is designed for fire departments and industry that must react quickly in times of emergency. Its customizable options and dependable reception make it ideal in any rapid- response situation. The Minitor V is FM Approved and intrinsically safe in hazardous environments.

The synthesized Minitor V is capable of receiving 12.5 kHz narrowband and can be ordered with single or dual channel capability. Capable of vibrate or audio alerting, it can be programmed with 8 different musical alerts. Up to 12 calls per channel, The Minitor V can be programmed to receive up to 12 different calls per channel. All Minitor V's have a 2.5mm earphone jack.

Dual frequency models can be programmed with priority scan and stored voice models provide 8 minutes of storage.

Motorola Minitor V Spec Sheet