VB400 Body Cameras for Business

Improve Workplace Safety & Security
May 14, 2024 by Magnum Electronics

Police officers were the early adopters of body-worn cameras and now many businesses are justifying video for their front line workers. Fixed cameras often have blind spots and no longer deter bad behavior. 

Body-worn cameras have emerged as a powerful tool with many benefits for businesses and their employees. Below are some compelling reasons for using body-worn cameras in the workplace:

Enhanced Safety and Security - Body-worn cameras act as a deterrent against criminal activity, significantly increasing the personal safety of employees working in high-risk environments.

Incident Documentation - VB400 captures a visual record of incidents reducing reliance on subjective accounts, enhancing the credibility and accuracy of incident reports. Link to VideoManager EX software demo.

Customer Service Quality - Captured footage can be used for training purposes, allowing businesses to identify areas for improvement, enhance communication skills, and improve customer service.

Compliance with Regulations - In healthcare, security, and law enforcement some businesses are required to comply with regulations that mandate the use of body-worn cameras. 

Risk Reduction - Visual evidence can help defend against false claims, lawsuits, and other legal disputes.

Increased Productivity - Provides a visual record of work performed, track employee progress, and review productivity levels.

Add VB400 with No Monthly Fees

Starter System Promo With 6 VB400 Cameras

Our Motorola VB400-KIT6 starter system promo kit includes everything you need to equip six front line workers with VB400's. There are no subscription fees, store your own video files, a 2 minute pre/post recording buffer, configurable audio policy, IP67 rugged submersible rating, and the ability to live stream when connected to WiFi. 

We include the optional DC-200-US dock controller for network connectivity and a 14 port charging dock. The VB400's have the Klick Fast mount and the popular KF-DOCKCLAMP pocket clip is included too. We carry other Peter Jones Klick Fast mounting accessories if needed.

Visit our Body-Worn Camera page for more information about all of the VB400 models and accessories. We also have market brochures, spec sheets, and the quick start guide available for download. If you need pricing visit our VB400 online store.

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