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Magnum AVL Features:

  • 60 second updating plus direction changes for only $19.95 per month
  • Latest GPS trackers with battery backup and internal antennas
  • Alerts for harsh acceleration, braking, and turns
  • Received detailed stop/move mileage/time reports weekly or monthly
  • Intelligent dispatch capability - use GPS fleet tracking to find your closest vehicle
  • Choice of easy install OBD-II plug-in or wired with PTO inputs
  • Nationwide Verizon Wireless network coverage
  • Fleet and Asset Tracking Service Plans

Using your Smartphone or PC, within seconds you can know:

  • Location and routes, by detailed color map, satellite, street, and traffic views
  • 20 online reports including fleet idle time, maintenance, and IFTA state mileage
  • Location of vehicles, trailers, construction assets (Bobcats, etc) all on one map or list
  • The details of the vehicle or asset activity for any time during the past 18 months
  • Vehicle exceeding posted road speed by a threshold you set

In addition, Magnum AVL GPS fleet and asset tracking service includes:

  • Seasonal suspend reduced billing if needed
  • Installation services, training videos, technical phone support
  • Financing, free or reduced pricing for competitive equipment upgrades
  • 6 month trial and rental option